One of our members said like this,
“I suffered most becasue of my mother when I was growing up.
My mother believed in ‘Jehova’s Witness’ (여호와의 증인”),
and she insisted that all her family believe in that relegion.
However, nobody in my family wanted to go to that church.
My mother became anxious, angry, upset and frustrated.
When I was a college student, she wouldn’t give me the
tuition for the new semester out of anger.
We really hated each other.

However, since 5 years ago, she’s been hospitalized due to
dementia (치매). Now, she forgot about every thing, even
her own religion. She looks peaceful now, and I don’t have to
fight with her any more. However, I feel very sad whenever
I see her. My mom only has an empty look, barely recognizng
us. Where have all her passion, faith and hatred gone?