One of my club members said like this,
“I suffered most when my husband passed away this January. He’s had a
stomach cancer and suffered from the diseases for one and half a year.
After he’s gone, I’ve felt deep, deep sadness. I was sad because I felt so
sorry for my husband who’s been only working throughout his life.
I also feel sad for my two sons. They always call me in the morning to see
I’m doing OK. They are afraid if their mom would suffer from loneliness
and depression. My second son is working in the U.S.,but he never
misses calling me. I feel so sorry for them becasue I feel that they are
under pressure to care about their mom. I feel that I became a burden
to them.

I feel that I should live strongly and stand on my own. That is one reason
I attend this Engish Club. Thank you!”