Spring Season

We began our first class today. After reading the above short passage, we shared our childhood memories
about spring season. I’d like to share some of the stories with you.

” When my daughter was 4 years old, our family went hiking to Puk Han Mountain. Beautiful flowers were
everywhere; azalea, acacia and so many other gorgeous flowers were blooming in the mountain. We picked
some white acacia flowers and made a flower crown and put it on my daughter’s head. She was so pretty,
and happy wearing an acacia crown on her head. We were also so happy that we took the picture of her,
and cherished the picture. Whenever my husband was on a business trip overseas, he always carried the
picture with him and proudly showed that picture to his business partners. However, one day he lost the
picture! He tried hard, but couldn’t locate the picture. Even now we feel real sorry about the missing
picture. But, in my mind she is still beaming with beautiful white flower crown on her head.”